Win the ARC USB

Celebrating 20 Years of RME Audio

Advanced Remote Control USB for TotalMix FX and RME Interfaces

Enter now for the chance to win a new ARC USB. As a part of RME’s 20th Anniversary celebration, we would like to give something back to all RME Users.

How does the ARC USB work?

As soon as the ARC USB is connected to a computer, TotalMix FX will discover it, and any button press or wheel turning will cause the respective action performed by TotalMix FX – and therefore also by your audio interface.

The ARC USB comes with a standard set of Key Commands that already cover most usage scenarios. Even an older internal card can now have its volume comfortably set directly from the desktop. Enjoy to perform TotalMix FX commands directly without getting distracted from your favorite DAW.

  • Direct Volume control
  • Talkback
  • Mute and DIM
  • External input monitoring
  • Mono listening
  • Quickly changing Snapshots
  • Footswitch control
  • And many more

The One Remote
for RME Interfaces

The ARC USB works with any RME Audio Interface that is currently compatible to the latest drivers having TotalMix FX. This goes back to interfaces released already in 2001.